Developing, upgrading or managing your telecommunications network is no simple task and it could prove to be a major expense for your business.  The process takes time consuming research, industry education and diligent monthly management oversight.

Flex Research and Analysis Audits Deliver.
Flex Telecom Research and Analysis Audits have been designed to identify your network needs, both present and future.  Our process includes a confidential review of your current network design and cost analysis.  Interviews help us understand how your company operates, the competitive landscape and the needs for applications and disaster recovery.  We learn how your business functions on a daily average and identify peak performance needs.   Our tam will present a comprehensive analysis that compares and contrasts your current network needs and cost analysis to other technology solutions.  Our needs assessment delivers a plan to address increased productivity, redundancy and reduced operating expenses.  The Flex Promise takes a comprehensive, consultative approach to ensure your business telecommunications run at peak efficiency.

Flex Annual Audits Deliver.
Flex Ongoing Annualized Audits provide benefit by being your single-source accountability for all of your telecommunication services.  We work with your organization to ensure you are fully realizing the benefits of our solution. 

The following items are audited upon installation/first billing and annually thereafter: